of a Chair:

"the deck chair"
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ith summer around the corner, i've begun my
search for the ultimate deck chair...
and with milan just ending, i wonder
to myself, how many times can
a chair be reinvented....
onwards! aka, take a seat in the sun!

perfection to me!

Portait of a Chair:

"the deck chair"
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1. Damien Hirst deck chair! these are kinda amazing.
2. Crate and Barrel...
3. Deck Chair Dreams, via Royal Parks Foundation.. go here.
4. Uknown black deck chair, looking for the beach.
5. Battista and Gino Giudici , pair of deck chairs from Lido Swimming Club, Switzerland.
c. 1945 (where is this swimmig club, and how can i get there quick!)
6. Deck chair inspired art! unknown...