Brent Green : Re(building)

Gravity Was
Back Then
at Andrew Edlin Gallery

April 17, 2010 - June 5, 2010

the house that continues to be built time and time again,
over and over, and over. a way to remember, a way to forget...

Today I join Brent in New York to try and help rebuild Leonard Woods house and try to convince him to stop sleeping on the gallery floor. It is pretty funny to think that Leonard built his house by hand, then it was torn down, then we rebuilt a version, and now we will be rebuilding that version over and over again. It is a strange methodical memorial I guess, like the original house, but in our case we are building to save not a person but a story (but I guess they are the same thing nowadays really...). Now that I think of it, Brent even built a life size version of Leonard's house out of paper before the one in the yard in order to film a small short that was expanded into Gravity. So many times has this house been rebuilt! The paper house set still lives in the barn! Here is a picture of the very first paper version of Brent's version of Leonard's house! "

taken from the
"gravity was everywhere back then"
blog here..

Brent Green
at Andrew Edlin Gallery,

"The exhibition and film both center around the true story of Leonard Wood, an unknown hardware-store clerk from Louisville, Kentucky, who worked tirelessly throughout the 1970s to create an original, bizarre (and since destroyed) residence.

Wood hoped that his unimaginably tiered floors, vaulted ceilings, and twisted, heaving walls might somehow save his wife, Mary, from her terminal cancer. Following her death, Wood tuned his healing machine for another twenty years, before toppling from its roof, leaving him broke and incapacitated.

For Gravity, Green rebuilt Wood's home—along with four other houses, a handmade piano, a sixteen-foot glowing moon, and a giant, wooden God—on his rural Pennsylvania farm, following the crudely rendered plans Wood had scrawled on a piece of cardboard. For the exhibition, Green will install the full-scale house and its contents in the main gallery space, alongside a series of video projections and sculptures. Green describes his own journey creating Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then as, "an effort to leave something wonderful behind, which is exactly what Leonard did."

taken from press release from Andrew Edlin Gallery.....

(sorry i'll miss the opening!)

also for those in new york,
Friday, May 7, 7 pm: film premiere of
Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then,
IFC Center, 323 Sixth Avenue, New York.