The work is situated in an open space between matter and memory.
This is where I wander and where the construction of a space linked to the development of psychic phenomena is expressed in twists in dimensions and intensities,
in combinations that determine changes of pace and place the viewer on the threshold of a physical and mental experience,
mobilizing his shoes as much as his mind.


"Her most recent work unites her interest in sculpture, architecture, and drawing in site-specific situations that combine scenographic wall drawings; sculptures in the form of linear abstractions worked in steel, rubber, and leather, or found objects such as bed frames, shoes, machine components, mattresses, and rocks "frozen" in time by casting or embellishing; and oddly scaled built spaces incorporating sealed windows, vents, and passages articulated by windows and angled mirrors. Trouvé depicts eviscerated interiors that echo once-vivid spaces and realities. The resulting "environmental dramas" are melancholy yet highly charged, oscillating between the real, the imaginary and the phantasmic."

Tatiana Trouvé
at Gagosian, NY