a portrait
on the wall.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres
"Portrait of the Stillpasses, 1991"

"A year's worth of exchanges with Felix Gonzalez-Torres, beginning in 1990, resulted in a family chronology painted in silver on the edge of the roof that frames the swimming pool. Personal events like the birth of their daughter, Zoe ("A+K=Z 1984"), are mixed with cultural markers like "Watergate 1972" and "CNN 1980." The chain ends with "Barbie's Dream House 1989."

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Robert Venturi and Denis Scott Brown,
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"One of the most pronounced characteristics of postwar Modernism was its apathetic approach to interiors. ...unthinkable to earlier architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh who believed that the design of the building, inside and out, is an indivisible unity"

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Blue Boy.

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