kenneth noland
anne truitt

anne truitt, 1978, acrylic on wood

"In September of 1948 Anne Truitt enrolled at Washington's former Institute of Contemporary Art. This institution played a vital and germinal role in the art life of Washington following the Second World War. Truitt studied sculpture with Alexander Giampietro. Her work, mostly in modeled clay, was figurative of a very simplistic and stylized nature, although an overtone of emotional theme or content was found in the work. At the Institute she met Kenneth Noland who was studying and teaching painting. Their close and continuing friendship began. (Although Noland had been born and raised in Asheville, North Carolina, he and Truitt did not meet during the three years she lived there.) Truitt's first work publicly exhibited was in an exhibition of students and faculty of the Institute of Contemporary Art presented in Washington at a no longer existing public market in 1949"


"Soon after Ms. Truitt began making these new works, the Color Field painter Kenneth Noland, a friend since her student days at the Institute of Contemporary Art, brought Greenberg to see her work, and they encouraged the dealer Andre Emmerich to pay a visit. He offered her a show at his 57th Street Gallery, and she continued to exhibit there regularly for more than three decades."

Anne Truitt.
Kenneth Noland.