Kathryn Andrews,
Heather Cook,
Lesley Vance,
Lisa Williamson
January 23–March 06, 2010

"Heather Cook's is also a practice predicated on a phenomenological approach to painted mark-making. In her case, however, the points of departure are more specifically minimalist, and incorporate a hybridized approach to action-painting and the readymade. Jersey cotton material is folded on the floor or draped and pinned to the wall, then sprayed with bleach. When the cotton is unfolded, the composition is revealed: the result of a negative process in which color has been removed rather than added, it is a direct "picture" of the physical reality of the material in a previous moment, as well as a slyly succinct record of the artist's interaction with it."

Heather Cook
Square and It's Shadow, 2009
bleach on cotton jersey
approx 77 x 55 x 60 inches (195 x 140 x 152 cm)

at david kordansky gallery.