Gotlund Verlag books.
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"We are a small publishing house located just outside of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. We produce artist books and limited edition multiples. Founded by Nicholas Gottlund in late 2007 as a small studio dedicated to books and bound printed matter. We maintain a program of publishing books collaboratively with artists. Working primarily with emerging and mid-career artists our books follow in a lineage while being innovative and forward thinking. We strive to have our books communicate with utmost clarity the vision of their source.

Located outside of Kutztown P.A., the book house was built as an addition to a 19th Century P.A. German bank barn. Situated in a small wooded valley it offers a rare location bordered by a meadow, small creek and bamboo grove.

We work with a variety of domestic printers for flexiblity of process while retaining a modest pressroom of letterpresses. We also have a large workspace and bindery dedicated to producing objects for limited edition volumes such as book boxes and slip cases. Our office and archive are located above the pressroom in a loft-like space for storage of books and prints."