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"My 6th grade teacher told me about a house she lived in that was built on top of an old Indian burial ground. She said she would wake up in the middle of the night to what sounded like a stampede of horses or cattle running outside her window. She said her brother started screaming one night. Her dad, other brother, and sister all ran to his room. The door was locked. They heard stuff slamming around as he screamed for help. Finally after about 2 1/2 minutes the door opened. Holes were in the wall and days later he had bruises all over his his body. He told them that nothing was in his room and he had no clue what had been beating him around that night. She said not long after that her house mysteriously burned down... She thinks her dad did it to kill the spirits."

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"When I was a kid, growing up in Great Falls, I heard a lot of ghost stories. One of which had to do with a lady in white who haunted a house, just on the edge of town. It's said that on certain nights , after midnight she could be seen, decending the stair case,headed to the basement. Once she got there she would disapear and the basement would flood with water. The house has since been moved to just outside of town and now resides near Redbank.

by Charlotte, from here.

"A person could assume that there's nothing extraordinary regarding Johnston, South Carolina, but this municipality is visited by the undead after sunset. Things take place here that can't be rationally explained. Not everyone has faith in the stories the folks who live here tell, but chilling things indisputably take place here in Johnston in the moonlight hours."

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