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"We're super, super excited to announce Scattered Light, a participatory poster project and attendant photo exhibition by ASDF, commissioned by ROLU.
Last fall we asked ASDF, the art collaboration of Mylinh Trieu Nguyen and David Horvitz to develop a project that would attempt to reacquaint the viewer to his/her surrounding environment and introduce another way of seeing and interpreting the things around them. The ROLU studio has been inspired by participating in various projects by ASDF and the artists individually and wanted to further that experience. They came up with Scattered Light. Here's how the project works.

ASDF designed six posters.
One poster will be released a month.
Each poster has a photo by David Horvitz on one side and a text on the other. Together, the photo and text present various themes relating to the concept of space/place/surroundings.

Each poster release serves as an open call for photographic responses. The response should be based on the poster's text and image, along with an “Assignment”. The “Assignment” is announced with the poster release / open call. These open calls are open to everyone who wishes to participate.

Participants will email a high-res digital photo and/or a print of the photo. The digital photos will be displayed as they come in on the web. The prints will be shown in an exhibition held at Art Of This Gallery 5/22 – 6/12 2010 in Minneapolis. The calls will remain open until the exhibition comes down.

You are invited to participate. We hope you participate. Here is Poster One/Assignment One.
If you'd like to buy a full set of posters, they're available at the Walker Art Center Book Store (Mpls), Golden Age (Chicago), Cinders Gallery (Brooklyn) A ESTANTE (Portugal), and more locations internationally soon.
Drop us a line with "poster one" as the subject if you have any questions: