a book for the times.

Katherine Morrow Ford and Thomas H. Creighton

8.25 x 10.5 hardcover book with 224 pages and over 385 b/w photographs , diagrams, and floorplans profiling 100 postwar American Architect-designed houses! This book is a veritable rosetta stone for people interested in postwar modernism that was produced under (often severe) budget constraints. No Kaufmann Houses here -- just thoughtfully planned and brilliantly executed modern housing.

""Perhaps there is some money put away in the bank, and your credit is good for a reasonable sort of mortgage arrangement. The family income also may be secure, and the prospects for increases may be practically guaranteed. And yet you wonder if it would be foolish to obligate yourselves for a heavy monthly payment for years to come and to borrow to the point where sleep might be lost worrying about it. How big a budget does one really need for the sort of house we want, you ask yourselves? How about these houses some of the magazines show that Paul and Paulette built for a song, doing most of the work themselves on the weekends? Is that really possible? All of the beautiful things that have gone into the scrapbook must have cost their owners a lot of money. Perhaps you have heard stories about families who got in deeper than they realized-who found that extras appeared, that bids were not accurate, and that prices rose. You know perfectly well you would not want to risk the capital you have so painstakingly piled up in the savings account in that way."

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