Maximum Joy

"Bristol, England's Maximum Joy formed in 1979, blending funk, soul, punk, reggae and jazz into their own unique post-punk sound."

maximum joy.
required weekend listening.
(via unchanging windows. a new addiction for me!)

"Even when they shift up styles, the group sounds completely ahead of the curve, and when they tone things down and drop off into more atmospheric work (as on "Silent Street"), they sound like the precursor to trip hop groups like Laika with spacey sound effects and dubby bass that swirl around minimal beat work. With several tracks running well over six minutes long, the group probably could have whittled things in places and made their work even more tight, but considering their slight jazz influence, the extended workouts don't sound too out-of-place. Completely different than some of the groups creating claustrophobic music at the time, Maximum Joy is definitely a group worth rediscovering (if you don't mind lots and lots of horns in your pop music). "

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