noah sheldon

Noah Sheldon
November 7 - December 12, 2009
Cherry Martin. here.

"Interested in synesthesic environments—
meaning an environment that invokes all the senses in their totality,
but not necessarily in their expected roles—Noah Sheldon presents works that allow a free association of sound and vision, memory, landscape and bodily sensation. An artist New York Times critic Roberta Smith has described as “skilled at separating beauty from the material world, while reminding us it is just about everywhere,” previous works by Sheldon have included a photographic exploration of the rainbows that appear continually in the mist surrounding Niagara falls; an upright piano in which the reverberation of each tone played was modified by successive reverberations; and a motorized wind chime sculpture made from perfectly chiming fence post caps. The results of Sheldon’s work are simple, yet deep-seated.

The composition of Noah Sheldon’s second solo exhibition
at Cherry and Martin will begin with visual fragments in an archive of small photographs, laid out on a table for viewers to contemplate. Taken while retracing a road trip to New Mexico, a few large framed photographs will counterpoint the archive in the space. Another set of works will be a series of sculptures inspired by Sheldon’s very first sculptures as a child. Constructed from basic materials of wood, glue and nails, Sheldon will re-create from a recalled set of rules given as the assignment of the original childhood project.
An audio component will be included in the exhibition, either as an audio piece or as a sculpture that creates sound."