Sleep Whale
new album, houseboat.
listen here

Since 2006 Sleep Whale (formerly known as Mom) have become a mainstay of the fruitful north Texas music scene. With their first full-lenth release Houseboat the band solidifies their position as creative leaders and innovators amongst their peers. Much like their first EP Little Brite, the album pairs Joel North’s deft guitar work and fluid cello playing with Bruce Blay’s impeccable ability to weave percussion, field recordings, guitar, bass, and violin into hypnotic and whimsical dreamscapes. However, unlike Little Brite, Houseboat’s songs show how the band has grown, offering more sonically complex and ambitious compositions.

Equally informed by pioneers like Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Can, and Neu!, the band’s sound has grown into a joyful soundtrack for a midnight drive down the freeway with your windows down. Their songs uniquely straddle the line between experimental ambience and accessible psych-folk-pop, all the while leading you through shimmering labyrinths of sound, color, and texture.

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