Life Goods
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"Based in Lausanne, LifeGoods is an industrial studio made-up of 3 young designers from the ECAL : Singal Mösch (28), Olivier Burgisser (30) et Sophie Depéry (31). They work together since 2007. During these last two years, they have been commissionned various projects for urban furniture editors, watch makers and local authorities. Their work shows various sources of inspiration like the history of design, new medias, contemporary art, handcraft and industrial technologies. They are striving to immerse themselves with their immediate surrounding and to create objects that free themselves from the established rules. This applies to their crafty objects that reduce lighting emission, their wifi console that sprang from the analysis of contemporary urban behaviours, or the cosi interior furniture that borrows the logic of the handyman and the need of mobility. Their ultimate goal remains the creation of well-thought-out, durable and poetic objects. "

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