turned quiet.

Ivan Terestchenko, his blog here
and his webpage here..
and read more about him here., via little augury

when i need inspiration about interiors, and art, and the
way people live...
i come to ivan's site. beautiful in every way.

Ivan writes about these photos in his blog today:

"This is the home of Amr Khalil esq, an egyptian gentleman in Cairo, once a flamboyant international jet setter who know lives a quiet life next to the Khan al Khalili bazaar that not so long ago belonged to his family."

look at his beautiful
thank you ivan....

two covers for "the world of interiors" by ivan terestchenko
see more of his work here.

"I am much more interested in the personality of the owner than the place itself. After the general view,a necessary routine, I focus on relevant details, may it be photos, books, unpredictable tokens of intimate life."


"As a general rule, too much style kills the style.
When it was the fashion in some decoration magazines to bring props,
I was always fiercely against. If one has to style a place,
then it shouldn't be photographed in the first place. I am a nightmare for stylists,
I don’t let them do anything and if I want to move something, I do it myself, not that I’m a control freak but it goes faster and if I sign a photo, I sign everything that is in it and will, if it comes to it, take the blame."

taken from interview here, via little augury.