Dark Nostalgia
by, Eva Hagberg

"Dark Nostalgia presents twenty-six projects that exemplify the smooth incorporation of evocative historic detail into current interiors. Public spaces, including New York’s famous Royalton Hotel lobby renovation, the Clift Hotel bar in San Francisco, and Alain Ducasse’s newest restaurant, Adour, as well as private residences and smaller, intimate restaurants and clubs by cutting-edge designers, including AvroKO, David Rockwell, Roman & Williams, Julian Schnabel, Philippe Starck, and Adam Tihany, demonstrate the many successful ways this trend towards a dark nostalgia has been incorporated in recent designs."

"Across the U.S., with forays to London and Paris, Hagberg looks at bars, restaurants, hotels, and homes, considering their emotional resonance along with their styling. “We are recreating our own history and embracing the darkness that comes with it,” she writes in the book’s introduction. Designers are restoring this imagined past through warm, tactile materials, creating interiors that immediately evoke a time and place that feels familiar, if a little mysterious. Ultimately, “we have become nostalgic for a time that never existed.” That’s a complicated thing, something we experience in any number of ways in our personal lives. And it’s embodied by design projects that are concerned with “the layering of history,” resulting in some gorgeous, seductive spaces that beg to be explored beneath their lovely surfaces."
-Eryn Loeb

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