Steven Gontarski
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"Fine art has a very funny place in culture. It exists in an elite realm and because artists want to be radical and shake things up, they have problems justifying the elitism. There was a big tendency in college to make political work because it seemed 'worthy' and not just a product for the elitist consumption. This view is so limiting. My interest is in unashamedly working in fantasy. I do what I can to improve my world even if it's imaginary. If I can actually have it exist in some way or another and allow people to be part of it and enjoy it with me, then that's the best I, or any artist, can hope for. I think things like death, beauty and commemoration are much more important than the actions of randomly elected politicians. Beliefs on life, death, beauty and virtue make up the fundamental ideologies in the first place."

-Steven Gontarski