Portrait of a man (husband)
Pt 6.

Sally Mann, Proud Flesh

Sally Mann
at Gagosian now.
Madison Avenue.

"Her latest photographic study of her husband Larry Mann, taken over six years, has resulted in a series of candid nude studies of a mature male body that neither objectifies nor celebrates the focus of its gaze. Rather it suggests a profoundly trusting relationship between woman and man, artist and model that has produced a full range of impressions – erotic, brutally frank, disarmingly tender, and more. While the relation of artist and model is, traditionally, a male-dominated field that has yielded countless appraisals of the female body and psyche, Mann reverses the role by turning the camera on her husband during some of his most vulnerable moments."

"the quality of the affection"

"ponder heart"

"Larry was excited about the work from the beginning. We've been married almost 40 years, and he has muscular dystrophy. It's fairly pronounced now, but the pictures don't show it much; it's not something I wanted to emphasise. He is a big, strong man, but his bicep is now the size of his forearm, or smaller. It's got so I don't want to show it, out of consideration for him. It's weird: I never said, "It's going to be obvious you're losing muscle mass." But he knows me; he knows I don't flinch, and he knew what the deal was when he committed to the pictures."

- Sally Mann