light installation by trafik, at morgans hotel, ny.

"Trafik is a multitalented and interactive graphic and multimedia design agency.
Interaction between the 5 partners, whose talent and know-how complement
each other, and enables them to fully command and develop new technologies.
Also enables the development of new concepts for institutional,
cultural and industrial clients."

watch Andree Putnam interview here...

"Though Paris designer Andrée Putman is 83, she’s still among the younger talents on the hotel design scene. She’s newly rehatched the Morgans Hotel on Madison Avenue in Murray Hill and brought on French lighting artists Trafik to create a show-stopping lobby.

Their artistry is on display on the ceiling, no less. The patterns in a hip palette give the ceiling a kind of disco-floor chic though revved up with 4,000 lights. In all, there are 20 different designs and 16 colors and the mood runs from festive to tranquil. Best of all, Morgans’ guests have the option to set the designs in the $10-million hotel redesign. Those who take in the hotel should search out the Putman furniture, from her pared down take on the iconic guèridon (a French side table) to her slipper chairs. With this dazzling ceiling, Putman and Trafix raise the bar for a new kind of Franco-American chic."

taken from Brooke S Mason's Article on arntet design.
read the article here.