all images by Ry Rocklen, 2008

Ry Rocklen
Parker Jones gallery, LA.... here...
HOUSE OF RETURN September 9 - October 17, 2009

This exhibition's title, House of Return, carries multiple references for Rocklen. It refers to his artistic practice as a whole (forlorned objects returning as sculpture), the location of the exhibition (Rocklen was born and raised in Los Angeles, thus making this show something of a homecoming) and is taken from a specific thrift store in his neighborhood. Most importantly, though, it points to the subject of the exhibition: home. Conceived as a counterpoint to his recent solo exhibition in New York, which Rocklen describes as ‘the temple,’ House of Return unites found objects and old carpet to create the mental and physical space of the domestic. Consisting of a home’s essential components--a place to sleep, a dish to eat from, something to wear, and a window to look through--House of Return presents a distilled, haunting, and enigmatic portrait of the dwelling.