Portrait of a Man
Pt 5: Don Bachardy

Portrait of a Man,
Pt 5...

Don Bachardy

"Born in Los Angeles, California, Bachardy was the life partner of writer Christopher Isherwood, whom he met on Valentine's Day 1953, when he was eighteen and Isherwood was forty-eight, until Isherwood's death in 1986. A number of paperback editions of Isherwood's novels feature Bachardy's pencil portraits of the author."

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"Bachardy is well-known for portraits of artists, musicians. writers and Hollywood notables including Tennessee Williams, Igor Stravinsky, Joan Didion, Anais Nin, Dorothy Parker, Lynda Benglis, David Hockney and Aldous Huxley among many others. His portraits are intentionally completed in one sitting, so as not to lose the moment's intensity. The focus and sensitivity with which Bachardy works, both in drawing and painting, captures the essence of his sitter with little extraneous information—this reductive approach echoed the work of David Hockney, and anticipated the finely lined, jewel-like portraits of Elizabeth Peyton."

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