Paris is burning. (Los Angeles, 5 % contained.)

1. "Paris is burning" by Lady Hawke
2. "Paris is Burning" 1990, by Jennie Livingston

(My thoughts are with those in the path, and fighting the fires here in Los Angeles.)

5 Percent Contained

"The Station blaze, which started Aug. 26, was about 5 percent contained as of last night and the Forest Service doesn’t expect it to be under control until tomorrow night at the earliest. Flames as high as 80 feet (24 meters) are burning in bigcone Douglas fir trees and other dry scrub that hasn’t seen significant fire activity in 40 years, the Forest Service said."

"The fire burning in Angeles National Forest is approaching the historic solar observatory and television transmission towers atop Mt. Wilson, according to Los Angeles County fire officials.
Two Los Angeles County firefighters battling the Station fire were killed this afternoon in a vehicle crash.

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