at patterns.

"You have to know all sides before you can present the diamond."

Alfred Jensen

Alfred Julio Jensen
1903 – 1981

Abstract painter.
He is best known for his grids of tiny,
brightly colored triangles and squares, painted in thick impasto.
He was one of a number of artists in the 1960s working with serial images.

"ALFRED JENSEN thought about very big ideas, and he expressed them in very loud tones. He believed in a universal order in the affairs of man, and in an eternal order in the affairs of God. He believed that scientists, political philosophers and artists would interact to identify a unity of truth. Jensen was a worldly, and yet highly spiritual, artist of his time.

His professional life began as it ended, in the presence of death. "It all began," he said, "when as a seven-year-old boy I faced death's tragic implications. My mother had died and on a sunny afternoon I stood before the orange colored oblong box ornamented with its kneeling silver angels, their praying hands each pointing toward the cardinal directions. I saw my mother's remains lowered into the darkness of the grave.... Preoccupied with my early encounter with the mystery of death, my painterly effort has centered around ... the light of life, the somberness of death, the color of art, the designated pattern of phenomenal existence."

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