Ian Simmons
"The Burgenland Dubs"
(listen here, or here..)

"This was a special time for me, a special experience and I think you can hear
it in the music. To be that deep in nature and the atmosphere
of the castle was profound for me—very inspiring. For the first
time in more than twenty years I could really think ...
You know, breathe, make a plan."

"Ian Simmonds left London in 2005 and began a new chapter in the East German province of scenic Jena in Thuringia, recording The Burgenland Dubs in the old Castle Wendelstein in the middle of the vineyard region in Unstrut Valley in Burgenland Saxony-Anhalt. Working in an environment with faulty heating, rotting old windows, and two hard winters that set ice crystals in his beard, Simmonds toiled in his castle like a sorcerer in his spiritual craft, revealing an album filled with maritime dimensions, rhythmic, lyrical moments, dramatic beat wizardry, and orchestral presence. This album also demonstrates a swinging, acoustic flight of traditional instrumentation paired with modern electric sonic culture. He also doesn't shy away from soul and jazz, and possesses a smooth British breakstep sense and even the depths and straight lines from Detroit."

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