Dr. Edith Fiore.
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‘You have been here before’ is a bookwritten by Dr Edith Fiore. Dr Edith is a psychologist. In this book, she writes about men and women who recall their past lives. This book comprises of people describing their former families, lovers, enemies etc.. In short, this book deals about reincarnation. The author says that she wishes to share with the world some human dramas that unfolded during two years of her clinical practice. Dr Edith Fiore speaks about her patients whom she hypnotized and thus they were able to recall their former lives.
In the first chapter, Dr Edith shows the method of regressing a person into a past life and describes the reactions of patients exploring their previous lifetimes. Chapter two to ten are case studies. Chapter eleven describes the experience of dying and also includes brief excerpts from transcripts that illustrate various death experiences.

(i recently found this book on my shelf. perhaps this is where the title came from?)