Justus Kohncke

is better in the

"The dancefloor gets hers on "Timecode", with another efficiently executed take on Moroder-powered electro-disco. However, keeping in the summery spirit, its strains are extroverted rather than micro; buoyant and flashy instead of hip and minimal. If you're doing a mix, don't lead off with it, but put it near the top because it can sustain whatever you have going; if you're playing Vice City, let it blare as you wreak havoc through the streets, cab surfing and racking up stars. Zwei Photonen (or the apt "two photons") inaugurates summer with a diamond glare and the wise purr of whomever you hear it with. "

"Don't waste this stuff.
You know it only comes along once a year."

Justus Kohncke
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