"an urge to measure herself against something new. "

"Horn once said that she comes to this high-latitude mid-Atlantic island “to get at the very center of the world,” echoing both Verne and the poet Emily Dickinson, who, Horn noted, “stayed home to get at the world.” Home, for Horn, is an island like this. She has been coming here regularly, back and forth from New York, for more than 30 years. Her visits began in a desire for solitude and distance, space, an urge to measure herself against something new. In the early years she traveled with a motorbike and a tent. As much as wanting an encounter with nature and wildness, she wanted an encounter with herself. Iceland became both her studio and her material, backdrop and foreground, means and subject. It is as elemental a place as I have ever been."

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(continually thinking about roni horn's work)

Richard Long