Jorge Pardo, interview.... here..

LP: How would you explain what you do as an artist?

JP: Art is kind of boring and esoteric. Having a career as an artist, showing in galleries and things like that doesn't interest me. I have a gallery, so I don’t mean to say I am outside the system. Projects that make problems in the world are interesting. Case in point being the house up in Sea View, where there are very strange forms of mediation that happen, and I actually can observe the work and there is a certain kind of behavior that is discursive.

(sea view)

LP: So how do you deal with then, someone coming to you and saying, I want a lamp.

JP: I give them a lamp. They want a lamp, I want to make a lamp. I like making lamps.

LP: So when you make a lamp, it’s a lamp.

JP: It’s a lamp and it’s an artwork. Because they only come through me because of other projects that I have done. They don’t want a lamp. They want a Jorge Pardo. They get a lamp and I get to make a lamp. I get to design a lamp. Maybe I get to use the lamp in some other installation. Maybe it’s research for something else.

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