(image by colin lawson 2006)

Marconi Union : "a Japanese-themed suite of minimalist ambience"
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"Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley met while working in a Manchester record shop. At the time Richard was making long ultra minimal ambient pieces of music, Jamie borrowed a CD of these and added more instrumentation, he then gave the new recordings back to Richard who then overlaid more music onto Jamie's version, they carried on bouncing tracks backwards and forwards, taking turns to add or remove layers of sound. Tracks would develop almost organically sometimes only taking shape after months of work. The process was repeated several times over the course of 18 months. Neither of them had any intention of doing anything more than make music that they would enjoy listening to. Occasionally they would play a track in the shop without revealing who it was by and they found that they quickly started getting repeated enquiries from customers about whether the music was available to buy. After a few months it became apparent that they had recorded the basis of an album almost by default and in response to encouragement from a number of interested people they mixed a final version."