"We Chose Our Words With Care, That Neon-Moonlit Evening; It Was As If We Were, Party To A Wonderful Alchemy."
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"Marc Camille Chaimowicz is a pioneer in mixing artistic installation and performance. In the 1970s, he distinguished himself with his playful and subtly seductive 'environments', immersive installations that can be read as a consciously messy and ambivalent reaction to the clean concepts of Conceptualist and post-Minimalist tendencies. With the complicity of the curator Alexis Vaillant, it has been decided to combine a broad range of works by Marc Camille Chaimowicz with notably numerous architectural models and artworks by a select group of international artists whom Marc Camille Chaimowicz feels empathy with. Conceived in the spirit of a playful inquiry and ‘flânerie’ - characteristic of the perception of the artist's idiosyncratic dandyism, this ‘collective retrospective’ highlights the idea that an artistic production can function on a parallel level to its mental ‘backdrop’."

"Dan Fox writes of Chaimowicz, "His practice swings pendulum-like
between polarities of domesticity and nomadism -- a sense of place as
both psychological anchoring point, and the embodiment of desire and
imagination... There is a distinctly literary quality evident in the
work too -- a delicately precise use of words; objects and
installations in which narrative and pace are foregrounded as formal
qualities in themselves. An illicit Romanticism is teased out with a
New Romantic theatricality that is highly adept at weaving together
references and connotations; always attentive to the polysemous power
of suggestion."

"Also included in the exhibition is a suite of exquisitely crafted
screen prints titled after Chaimowicz's artist book, "The World of
Interiors" from 2006. For this book Chaimowicz has inhabited the space
of an interior design magazine, layering images of his own work and
source materials onto the existing pages, along with his writing and
texts on his work. The book also features contributions by other
invited artists."

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