lyrics from fever ray, now's the only time i know...
listen here..

Dark brown hair and eyelash
Reappear in a lash
Now's the only time I know

Early morning's greatest deed
What's forsaken, I do not need
There is water, there is snow
Settling down door and room
Keep it tidy, keep it like a home
Now's the only time I know

Come here, sparrow
Watch my hand
Black and blue seeds
That is what my hand can
Now's the only time I know

Do my hair, paint eyelash
Reappear in a flash
There is more I'd like to know

Nine-fifteen, then I'm done
Quiet front seat, then drive around
Through the water, through the snow

images, from top to bottom

1. Kim-Anh Nguyen, 2008, ceramic, Wheel-thrown porcelain with sgraffito decoration.
2. Martin Boyce
3. unknown photograph
4. Peter sepovga, 1940-2007 "Shaman Transforming Into Bird", 1998
5. Andrew Lord, ceramic
6. Joe David , "wild man, ultha-ma kook mask", alder and horse hair