Karriere Bar, Copenhangen
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(light source by olafur elliason)

Karriere Bar....

"Karriere is an interesting café/restaurant/bar situated in the heart of the old meat district (Kødbyen) of Copenhagen but by calling it such we don't do justice to the fact that it’s also a totally new type of art gallery and something of a patron of the arts. In other words, it’s a venue with huge ambitions where art has somehow become a central part to meeting, eating, drinking, relaxing and having fun. As if all of that wasn’t enough, a certain percentage of profits from the new venture (7% of beer sales from Sving nights) go towards to the Karriere Grant – a fund awarded once a year to support individuals and organizations in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

The renowned Danish artist Jeppe Hein came up with the idea for Karriere together with his sister, Lærke Hein. Hein creates witty and minimalist installations that deliberately blur the boundaries between conceptual art and mechanical objects whilst questioning the ritualistic relationship between art and the spectator. Combining sculpture and installation with architecture and technology, he often mixes the notion of the functional with the artistic. Whilst his style refers to minimalism and to abstract concepts, Jeppe tries to depart from a purely abstract experience by making the audience physically activate the work."

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