ishmael randall weeks
Live plants, spray paint, and wood
c/o eleven rivington, ny

Appropriation is something I have used or worked with in my art since starting art school in 1987. At this time (and still now) I realized that being original was almost impossible, so I tried using what was already available as source material for my own work. By doing this I think I also created something original and certainly something very different to what I was representing. I always think that art is about ideas, and surely the idea of an original and a copy of an original are two very different things. - Jonathan Monk, 2009

Jonathan Monk

c/o Lisson London
(via contemporary art daily.. here..)

‘The Death of Geometric Figures’ (circle, square, rectangle, triangle), (2009), four wall-based mirrors in the shape of geometric signs, surrounded by ceramic light bulbs. The work is only realized as the bulbs progressively burn out and stop illuminating the mirror and its surroundings. ‘Four dead corners reflected’ (2009), is a three corner mirror cube, reflecting the brightly colored plumes of a stuffed parrot, multiplying the bird kaleidoscopic image ad infinitum."

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