Ingo Maurer and Peter Hamburger
, 1966
light structure.....

1966, "Bulb", Ingo Maurer

"Inspiration strikes at unexpected moments. 'I spent New Year's Eve 1979 in Haiti with my wife and some American friends. After we'd celebrated in a dance hall, we went out into a little village square at dawn. Two wires had been stretched across the square with a big 500-watt light bulb hanging from them with no mounting, nothing: it was simply soldered onto the wire. I was totally overwhelmed by the sight of this bulb in the sunrise. When I got back to New York, I immediately started stretching cords. Initially I tried it with high-voltage, but that failed, not least of all due to a few safety regulations that I think are totally antiquated. We spent years developing the idea and almost went bust. The bank refused us the small loan we needed at the end with the justification that the stuff we were doing was un-sellable, we should do something rustic instead. In the end we made it even without the loan, and the success wasn't long in coming.'"

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