Saul Fletcher

22 MAY – 27 JUNE 2009

“In his photographs Saul Fletcher visualizes human
existence in all its temporal dimensions and physical fragility.
The scenes he depicts achieve a concentrated intimacy:
In order to take in every detail, the viewer is compelled
to get as close as possible to the work. His careful still lifes
draw attention to details; the discarded moments of the
everyday become the focus, and in this way are imbued
with new or altered meaning.”
Extract from catalogue for the 4th Berlin Biennial (2006)

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"These images represent a succession of moments which are precisely staged without ever seeming forced or contrived. They not only constitute a vague autobiography but also record isolated fragments from life: a birdcage, glass lantern, floral curtains - scenes and subjects imbued with Fletcherʼs haunting private mythology."