Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti
Cochon Table Lamp... Custom Made.
Beech and bronze.

''We design to make people dream,'' explains Garouste, 38, a Frenchwoman who joined forces in 1980 with Bonetti, a 35-year-old Swiss-Italian. ''I don't believe in progress in design. You can only repeat what has gone before or else try to propose something else - try to create a different world.''

The world Bonetti and Garouste have established is an antibourgeois retort to what they see as boring mass-marketed style and, more specifically, high-tech. The result, sometimes called ''Barbarism,'' includes Neanderthal-looking furniture of real and fake stone, tables with 11 wrought-iron legs, and raffia-skirted pieces that look as if they could dance the hula. "

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