darom lamp
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francis cape
ama, 2003
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murray guy, ny

"Form defies function in most of Cape’s oeuvre: the “cabinet” sculptures do not open and are too shallow to accommodate contents, appearing more akin to painting and drawing than to sculpture. More recently, however, the work has been taken off the wall to become free-standing objects. Benches and desks have been incorporated, often at the ‘back’ of the sculpture. These unpainted areas suggest the artist’s workshop, activity behind the scenes, the process of thinking out ideas and drawing them up, of planning out proportions, then constructing the immaculately finished painted façade. These spaces provide the viewer with a hidden place, a retreat, part scholastic and part monastic, from which to eavesdrop, make notes and contemplate. Situated on the reverse of the painted surface, where an artist’s signature would appear on a canvas, they make concrete Cape’s notion that the viewer completes the work. The interchange of artist and viewer, of back and front, inside and outside has always been present in Cape’s work, now it is less ‘invisible’ and therefore removed, but more playful and inviting. "

jens reinert

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