Vincent Fecteau
(Ive posted his work a few times here, his work continues to astound, amaze, and quiet my head. I love his work.)

"Vincent Fecteau is known for making small, bracingly private constructions out of foamcore and collage elements. As much as his inventions, through maquette-like scale and goofily specific found photos (of towels, toilet-paper holders), investigate the sculptural possibilities and erotic atmospherics of decor, the glue that holds Fecteau's artless-seeming oeuvre together is a quirky querying of what art is and what it does of how and why and if art differs from craft."

"Most of the material elements have been floating around in my studio for years, but it's difficult to pinpoint why something resonates for me. Much of it has to do with formal properties: color, shape, texture, and size, the excitement of the way some things relate, rhyme, or collide with others. For example, I've been interested in using half a walnut shell for a long time. Originally, I liked the way its texture was or wasn't related to this faux crinkled paper I was obsessed with, and I kept trying to pair the two. That never amounted to a piece, so the walnuts went back into a box."

taken from Artforum, 1000 word series. here...