Stijn Bisscheroux
"Kerk Apartment" transformation of a church into an apartment.

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alice aycock

"Combining semi-architectural ‘specific objects’ with interest in machinery, pioneer New York based artist Alice Aycock has been producing important sculpture since the early 1970s that incorporates complex structures that invite the viewer to be both observer and participant."

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Henning Bohl
c/o Casey Kaplan Gallery

"Although his works still function as paintings, the artist has chosen to present them as sculptural objects. Bohl alters the standards of presentation by supporting the canvases with tables made from cornices created for a previous exhibition. These architectural fragments consist of serrated sheetrock haunches, presented upside down on pairs of wooden trestles."

Alice Aycock

"Aycock's large environmental sculptures create intense psychological atmospheres. Although she uses primitive rites and architecture as sources, her implementation of contemporary materials removes those specific connotations. More recently, Aycock has begun collaborating with architects, installing site-specific works upon pre-existing or newly planned structures."

The House of the Stoics Structure A, 1984. Wood painted white,
32’ high x 13’ 6” wide x 11’ 9” long. International Contemporary
Sculpture Symposium, Lake Biwa, Japan.

The Hundred Small Rooms, 1984-1986. White painted wood,
28’ high x 12’4” wide x 12’ 4” diameter.
Collection: Laumeier Sculpture Park, Saint Louis, Missouri.