Rachel Whiteread

"You've said that furniture functions as a "metaphor for human beings," and all of your furniture pieces—your bed pieces in particular—tend to evoke absence and loss. This is especially true of your casts that exist as negative impressions, which reveal the forms of their original objects in detail, but not their physical presence.
While you were making your furniture sculptures, you also began to create architectonic pieces. In 1990 you made your first one, Ghost, which is a cast of a parlor room in a Victorian house.

Yes. That was the first time I really thought about trying to be ambitious in my work. I remember I said that I wanted to mummify the air in a room, which is what I was writing in my proposals to try to raise the money to make the piece. "

Doris Salcedo
"Her haunting sculptures and installations are painstakingly made from found objects left in the abandoned homes of missing people in Colombia - personal effects such as furniture or shoes which become symbols of a vanished existence, suggesting the desperation and silent violence of ongoing acts of inhumanity."


Rachel Whiteread

Peter Zumthor

"For his Field Chapel to St. Nikolaus von der Flüe, completed in 2007, in Mechernich, Germany, Mr. Zumthor formed the interior from 112 tree trunks configured like a tent. Over 24 days, layers of concrete were poured around the structure. Then for three weeks a fire was kept burning inside so that the dried tree trunks could be easily removed from the concrete shell. The chapel floor was covered with lead, which was melted on site and manually ladled onto the floor.

"Mr. Zumthor said that his projects generally originated with materials. “I work a little bit like a sculptor,” he said. “When I start, my first idea for a building is with the material. I believe architecture is about that. It’s not about paper, it’s not about forms. It’s about space and material."

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