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Joseph Christian Leyendecker

March 23, 1874 - July 25 1951

"Leyendecker's biographers Laurence and Judy Cutler describe his lifestyle during the teens and twenties as that of an openly gay man, but by the time of his death he had become a secretive recluse. In an era when such a sexual orientation was taboo, Leyendecker's personal life was brushed aside in the popular media in favor of focusing on his fame as an artist. Leyendecker may have attempted to disguise the homoerotic content of his drawings by including women adoring the handsome men. A few images are more overtly homoerotic, such as advertisements for Gillette in which scantily clad men teach each other how to use disposable razors."

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Christian Schoeler

Untitled, 2009
Oil on canvas mounted on panel
30x40 cm (12x16 in.)

c/o schuebbe projects

ruven afanador
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john waters
c/o marianne boesky
john jr. 2009

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"Torero" is the exquisitely produced first book by noted Colombian born, New York based fashion photographer Ruven Afanador. It consists of highly stylized black and white portraits of Spanish and Latin American matadors in the studio, dressing room, and in the ring. Afanador shows an always keen eye for their masculine beauty, capturing some awfully tight talleguillas here. A most handsome copy showing just a bit of sunning to the lettering on the spine of the dust jacket.

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nan goldin

Joseph Christian Leyendecker

early derek jarman films

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Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea. Understand that your morality is not law. - Derek Jarman

richard renaldi
"fall river boys"

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