fritz haeg... (check out his informative, inspiring site!!!)
he'll be in town this weekend at:

is a five-day event of near-continuous conversation about architecture, urbanism, landscape, and design. Four bloggers, from four different cities, will host a series of live discussions, interviews, slideshows, panels, talks, and other presentations, and fuse the informal energy and interdisciplinary approach of the architectural blogosphere with the immediacy of face to face interaction.

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"With help from a group of Washington primary school students, the first lady began work on the project that will provide the raw material for many of the Obama family's meals.

Early in her stint as first lady, Mrs Obama has outlined healthy eating habits as one of her favoured causes. She has consulted Alice Waters, the celebrated Californian chef and restaurateur who also runs a project in which she teaches children to grow their own vegetables and eat healthily."

roxy paine
c/o james cohan gallery

"Weed-Choked Garde is a hand-made vegetable garden where 13 different species of weeds are encroaching upon the vegetables. In this 8 x 11-foot work, the human attempt to impose order conflicts with natural predatory forces, depicting the struggle between the rational and the instinctual, the natural and the artificial."
saw this show in new york last year at the new museum.
it still haunts me...

""After Nature" surveys a landscape of wilderness and ruins, darkened by uncertain catastrophe. It is a story of abandonment, regression, and rapture—an epic of humanity and nature coming apart under the pressure of obscure forces and not-so-distant environmental disasters. Bringing together an international and multigenerational group of artists, filmmakers, writers, and outsiders, the exhibition depicts a universe in which humankind is being eclipsed and new ecological systems struggle to find a precarious balance."

(i think?)
"Fritz Haeg is an architect and social designer. Born in 1969 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Haeg received his Bachelors of Arts in Architecture in 1992 from Carnegie Melon. Unafraid of multiple projects at once, he has initiated several initiatives, all of which have taken on a life of their own. Haeg’s ongoing project, Edible Estates, transforms front lawns into public gardens. For each “estate”, Haeg and his team of volunteers create an elaborate vegetable garden in a front lawn."

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fritz haeg
edible estates, attack on the front lawn

"When you live on the street with an Edible Estate, you see the owners out there gardening every day. You get to know them better than those with the lawn. You talk to them about how the crops are doing. They can’t possibly eat everything they are growing, so every time you pass by they are trying to unload the latest harvest of tomatoes or zucchini on you. Just the act of witnessing a garden grow can have a profound effect. When you watch daily as seeds sprout, plants mature and fruit is produced you can’t help but be drawn into the wonder of it. By being a witness, you have become complicit and are now part of the story. "