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"Apparently inspired by "old silent 8mm film reels and historical architecture", the Norwegian duo of Erik Skodvin and Otto Totland have produced a lambent debut that recalls the likes of William Basinski (particularly the 'Disintegration Loops' indebted 'Lobby'), Marsen Jules and Harold Budd. Over layers of warmly battered aural sediment, Deaf Center build the kind of vista-expanding, piano tinged music that has you thinking you're in your very own film."

"Deep, long grass and icy branches, burning timbers and secluded mountain haunts are conjured as the sounds breathe over even the casual listener. One cannot help but be won over by the magic of these two most gifted musicians. With their careful respect for space, rather than the essentials of software trickery, Erik and Otto manage to elevate this recording to a state unachieved by most. Somewhere stuck in time, not pinpointed or stereotyped by technological advances, but accessable from all angles."