bright yellow lamp.

navajo rug!
chris ofili

He points out: "I'm interested in ideas of beauty ... and elephant dung in itself is quite a beautiful object. But a different sort of beauty. And I want to bring the kind of beauty and decorativeness of the paintings together with the apparent concept of ugliness of the shit and put them together and try and make them exist."

Roger Herman

March 7-30th with new ceramic work...
Heath Store, 7525 Beverly Blvd.

i'll be here this weekend! 30 restaurants, the wine house, smashbox studios, culver city.

even holloway.
12th February – 28th March 2009
Evan Holloway

evan holloway
Evan Holloway’s sculptures pit the world of physical objects against the immaterial world of human perception, collective understanding and culturally obtained information. The LA-based artist’s works engage with human cognition and its encounter with the object, contemplating what the object would otherwise be without this transaction. "

unknown artist