Watts House Project: An Artwork in the Shape of a Neighborhood Redevelopment

Farmlab Public Salon
Edgar Arceneaux
Friday, February 20, 2009 @ Noon
Free Admission

Directed by artist Edgar Arceneaux, WHP engages art and architecture as a catalyst for expanding and enhancing community. The neighborhood surrounding the Watts Towers presents a stark contrast to the well-maintained aesthetics of this national monument, and currently the residents have limited means to capitalize socially or economically on this cultural currency.

WHP operates with the understanding that social and economic challenges are tied to basic ecological problems and aims to develop an incremental, nuanced and sustainable model that marries ecological concerns and practice with social and cultural remedies. By creating a physical and social infrastructure for creativity, WHP will catalyze artistic production and community pride of place, forming partnerships that can lead to real solutions, hope, and change.