Paul Gabrielli
Envoy Gallery

(thank you james wagner for pointing out this show to me. )

Paul Gabrielli is a New York based sculptor whose work incorporates a multiplicity of media. “Infused with a thwarted eroticism of both desire and restraint” his work, beyond Assemblage, elegantly collaborates between light, form, and reflection to summarize “with lyricism and paradox the physical manifestation of a single thought”.

"Gabrielli’s works straddle the boundaries of sculpture, photography, work on paper and video, experiments in form designed to encapsulate the physical manifestation of a single thought, with all its lyricism and paradox. His pieces represent both interior visions and the very real destruction of the well-defined and corporeal. They stand on the anxious fulcrum of categorization; when distinctions between forms and material disappear, or are made to disappear, what is left standing? Gabrielli wants to give objects a second look, a second chance, and perhaps even a second identity. One is never enough"