Robert Sonneman


Vintage modern floor lamp by Robert Sonneman, c. late 1960s. Easily one of Sonneman’s most desirable period modernist design, it's style and substance could easily be confused as being from one of the top 1950s / 60s European modern lighting firms like Arredoluce, Arteluce or Stilnovo.

The lamp consists of a black circular metal base that supports a tubular chrome plated upright. Attached to the upright is a large one piece squared off plated double arm formation with metal saucer dome diffuser on one end and a metal sphere ball light bulb enclosure on the other. The double arm formation is pivots providing a number of different looks for the lamp. When illuminated the light bounces off the white underside of the saucer diffuser creating a lovely dramatic effect. The power switch is a metal foot pedal so turning on and off is a breeze.