Atelier NL

One of my favorite blogs for inspiration, The Arm, posted about Atelier NL today. Thank you! I am floored by the piece above. I would love to see an image of the illumination that occurs as the light is turned on, and the shade begins to knit.

"Sleeping beauty"

Where there is light, there is life. When you switch on the lamp, it provides you with light. You provide it with the generating power it needs to grow.

Similar to living organisms, this lamp contains all the essential "mechanisms" that will enable it to develop. All it needs is energy and it starts creating its own lampshade. It knits it slowly around the lamp, pausing only when the light is off. Its growth places it beyond the bare utilitarian necessity of artificial light. The lamp becomes an animate part of space, an
existence in its own right.

Text: Theodora Antonopoulou