new works by Lesley Vance @  Xavier Hufkens

"In Vance’s canvases, the background no longer surrounds the object, but breaks through it – by opening and closing these spaces in the pictorial plane the artist is able to create the illusion of a three-dimensional space. "

"Sweet thing I give you what I reach 
taken what I had to teach
 and re-rendered it with such with such with such." (will oldham)

"Each painting by Vance can be considered an object in its own right, the result of an intense period of engagement with not just the physicality of her subject, but also the medium of painting. Working intuitively, the artist translates both the fixed and mutable qualities of a singular object or grouping before her – shape and form, texture, colour, shadows and highlights, the play of light across a surface – into abstract compositions that evoke a specific atmosphere. While grounded in reality, her most recent works exude a great sense of freedom and are not obviously tethered to their original starting point.   Vance often works wet-on-wet, a technique that allows her to experiment with the painted surface, but which only allows a limited window of opportunity for expression. Vance’s canvases thus result from a concentrated period of addition and subtraction, construction and deconstruction – a process that is as deliberate as it is spontaneous, as considered as it is open to chance. As Vance’s work has become more enigmatic, her paintings employ a brighter and more luminous colour palette."

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