hands over your eyes, recalling your size 
is it the right time for the game we play 
in all kinds of weather if not now 
not ever this is the right time for a holiday. 

Happy two-thousand and fourteen. Cherish the important things in life: dear friends, family, loved ones, and health.  This was a year when I thought for a moment I would lose someone very important to me, and I am ecstatic to report it was not the case.  The moment I heard, it felt as if someone had turned on the faucet inside my stomach, and water poured out.  Tonight, I remember the moments of silence, and the moments of music of the past year. I remember the sight of the early morning light (as I found myself awaking at dawn more often), and the gentle escape into darkness. Thank you for this journey that we are on together, and for those that casually reach out. Onwards into fourteen.- David John 

above lyrics by beach house